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Thursday, July 31, 2008


I just got a new hard drive at work. Really, it was amazing. At my last job, I would have had to fill out a requisition form in triplicate, wait 3 weeks for approval, then wait another 3 weeks for the order to be made, wait 6 to 8 weeks for delivery, wait another 2 weeks for the guys to install it. Here, all I did was ask via instant messanger, "Can I have a bigger HDD?" within minutes, the boss-guy comes upstairs with a 400GB hard drive and hands it to me. Wow!
And there it is.

More info: HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive. My old drive was 30GB. The model of the new HDD is ST3400620A. When using DiskWizard to copy your old HDD to a new one, make sure you download the newest DiskWizard files and don't use the ones included with your new Seagate HDD.

Couple Pics

A couple images for us today. The first one is my team avatar for the Final Fantasy Football League on Yahoo (or whatever it is). I don't play Football, or watch it, or even like it, but the office is doing it and I can just set my account to automate. Worst case, I loose...but I don't care anyways and I can at least have someone to root for when they talk about it. Team name is Coupe de Cheveux, which I believe means "haircut" in French.

The next image is something from a show called, "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog." First of all, the show is hilarious! There's a part of the first episode where Dr. Horrible is using a sleek remote. When they zoom in, you can see that it's an iPhone pointed at a web page titled "Horrible Van Remote."

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New File Extension

Sorry to anyone spidering, but I've change the file extensions on all my files from HTML to PHP. This may give me the ability to do new stuff in the future. One of my co-workers informed me that I could use PHP as my file extension even with using to run my blog. Can't do anything with it right now obviously (check time).

I think that using is better than trying to have people register to my site. Most people who go out and read blogs already have a blogger login.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Zucchini Spaghetti

We were going to a community dinner and everyone was supposed to be bringing spaghetti, but being in a certain phase of a certain diet, couldn't do the starches. Then I remembered seeing on Iron Chef America something about using zucchini instead of pasta so I julianned some zucchini into strips and steamed them and put spaghetti sauce on them (just store bought with some ground beef). I called it zucchini spaghetti. :)

It turned out great! The zucchini had more of a texture than spaghetti, so the sauce stuck better. Even my kid liked it and she says she doesn't like zucchini otherwise. It was weird giving a recipe out to the ladies there.

iPhone/iPod Touch Repository

Okay, I've started my own repository for iPhone/iPod Touch applications. I've added MultiPod (see a few posts ago). Anyone who has a Jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch can add my repository by the normal means. The address is and I named it that for ease of entry. (You're welcome.) If you go in a browser, I recommend Safari as it's designed for that browser specifically.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Coile Family Portraits

These just the proofs which is why they are such low quality. Mainly they're here so Karen can see them.

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Nike+ Mini

Nike+ has a new toy. I was going to call it a feature, but toy is really more accurate. It's called Nike+ Mini. You can see the result of me playing with it. Beard, messy hair, but strangely enough, the only Nike eq. I normally wear is the sportband. I don't own any of their shoes or shirts.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here's a quick upload of my program MultiPod that I've been working on in spare time. This is my first and only iPod application. It makes it so that you can swap multiple music/video/pic/bookmark libraries so that you can sync with multiple computers or convince your computer you have multiple iPods (or both!). It also allows you to require a password to be entered when switching to a library for those who may have sensitive information in your media.

Note: It does not currently swap contacts, calendars or any other application data.


First of all, you must have a Jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch (though this hasn't been tested on iPhone) with firmware 1.1.4. Reason for firmware requiment: paths changed. A version for 1.1.3 and lower could be made if requested.

Use the installer to install the Jiggy Runtime.

UPDATE: View this post to add my iPhone/iPod Touch Repository.  You will now find MultiPod under Utilities with SwapTunes and other similar programs.

When you run MultiPod, it will automatically detect the current configuration and assign it to the first position. To change the name of an entry, use iTunes; the entry will be named the same as the name iTunes gives the device.

UPDATE 2: Jiggy Runtime is no longer updated and is not available for current frameware.  Thus, there is no point having MultiPod updated and for all intensive purposes, it has been discontinued.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Flobi scalps the competition in June
It would be a stretch to call the June Fitness Challenge a competition. In reality, only Flobi decided to show up. He won going away by walking 55 miles...
I would like to mention the play on words in the title (which was by Jeff, one of the higher-ups at the company): Flobi (my nickname) comes from the root-word Flowbee, which is a device designed to cut hair. Since scalping is another method of hair removal, this is funny. Or it's supposed to be. When you actually need the referrence explained to you or it takes multiple minutes for you to realize the referrence yourself, it isn't nearly as funny (or so I'm told). I guess that's the same with any play on words or joke. But that isn't Jeff's fault that I've heard Flobi so many times in my life that I literally never think of Flowbee when I hear or see it.

100 Miles!!!

I did it! Thanks to everyone who encouraged me. I actually walked 100 miles in less than 3 months. Recorded the whole thing with a Nike+ wristband. Thanks Mike for the wristband. I also feel about 20 pounds lighter. I didn't really place in the company weight loss competition, but I did get last months distance (see right).

On a side note, I "accidentally" went 10 miles today. I normally have a 7 mile limit, but due to some bad math, I ended up going an extra 3 miles. How strange.

Update: Nike Gives me a Certificate

Congratulations Kristy!

Big shout out (whatever that means) to Kristy for winning Augusta's Biggest Loser competition. She lost 77 pounds. That's freaking amazing. It's also very motivating for me. You can see to the right here, I'm in a distance competition at work and I can use all the motivation I can get. To see Kristy looking just like she did in High School (hint, she was very cute in High School) makes me want to work to look like I did back then...well, maybe without those huge glasses (Kristy, why didn't you tell me my glasses were huge?). Looking at those old pictures, no wonder everyone thought I was a geek...not that they were wrong, but... Anyways, big congratulations, Kristy!

New Blog Location

I was thinking about it, there's no need for my blog to be in a subdirectory. I appologize to anyone who was using a feed, it has moved too (check link to left). So, now, instead of, it's just right here, main page of the site. The old techie stuff (not that my blog won't have techie stuff now and then) is still available here:

Monday, July 14, 2008

iPhone Shuffle

Strange situations today have made it such that I can't listen to music normally, so I have my iPod plugged in instead of my brand new blue tooth headphones (they're awesome by the way). I've got an application I downloaded called "Shuffle" which is supposed to make the shuffle feature on my iPod more intuitive. I'm not sure how well it works, so I was looking up, "iPhone shuffle app" in Google to find a review (hint: iPhone and iPod Touch are almost identical devices).

But I came up with another application called iPhone Shuffle. Apparently, it dials a random US phone number...and that's all it does. I think it's hilarious, you?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Christians believing Evolution

I've been going over all this and come to the realization that the conclusion of my last post may be misleading. The answer to the question "Can a Christian believe in the aspects of evolution that directly contradict the Bible?" is in fact yes. But, and here's where I think my train of thought was going before I got side tracked, that answer was specifically geared to the person reading my post.

The person reading my post, by the time that (s)he got to that part should be aware that the Bible does contradict parts of evolution (and vice versa) and must admit that either the Bible lies or the science is faulty, or else plead ignorance. Pleading ignorance itself leads to another question, who to trust. Should God be trusted over man, or should man be trusted over God?

However, those who haven't been presented with the truth that there are contradictions between the Bible and the theory of evolution, and I believe they are few, haven't been remotely indoctrinated into either. For the beginning of the Bible states very clearly an opposite history than evolution presents. And evolution is seldom, if ever, taught in the order I presented it. It is generally taught beginning with what I've called the final extrapolation. I presented it in that order because it was easiest to demonstrate where the two contradict.

Notwithstanding all this, if someone actually believes that evolution can create the world without somehow contradicting the Bible, (though it would be through ignorance they would have to make that claim), I suppose that it is possible that they could be a faithful Christian. It is not my place to judge, though I can say it does not seem likely to me that one who honestly looks at this issue will remain ignorant for long. I have found that the people who I know who are ardent about evolution being true seem to lack some of the fundamental qualities Jesus told us we should display. I won't go into that, because it would be gossip, I'm sure.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Does evolution contradict Christianity?

This is very interesting. I believe I'll give a shot at answering these questions.

Does evolution contradict Christianity? and If so, how? What is in conflict? What is about evolution that is in conflict? Obviously you're asking about the current "theory of evolution" (as opposed to the "fact of evolution," described later), often referred to as neo-Darwinism. Well, let's see...

The main theory has 2 basic aspects, 1. "Natural selection" favors development in such a way that individuals with traits better suited for a specific environment will thrive; and 2. "Random mutations" change, increase or decrease the genetic code, sometimes in beneficial ways (though primarily in indifferent or harmful ways). Extrapolating these two base points, natural selection combined with these random mutations will cause beneficial mutations to dominate any given gene exchanging group (this includes gene exchange during reproduction into the new being as well as some species apparently which can exchange genes even without reproduction). And, insofar as we can't specifically determine which genetic changes are in fact random and which are part of the existing design (to the point that the gene is actually programmed to alter it's own composition, notwithstanding how it became programmed such), we can say there is overwhelming evidence of genetic change and natural selection. Nothing here contradicts, let's just say, the Bible. This, I believe, is called "microevolution" by both Creationists, Evolutionists and scientists.