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Friday, July 4, 2008

Christians believing Evolution

I've been going over all this and come to the realization that the conclusion of my last post may be misleading. The answer to the question "Can a Christian believe in the aspects of evolution that directly contradict the Bible?" is in fact yes. But, and here's where I think my train of thought was going before I got side tracked, that answer was specifically geared to the person reading my post.

The person reading my post, by the time that (s)he got to that part should be aware that the Bible does contradict parts of evolution (and vice versa) and must admit that either the Bible lies or the science is faulty, or else plead ignorance. Pleading ignorance itself leads to another question, who to trust. Should God be trusted over man, or should man be trusted over God?

However, those who haven't been presented with the truth that there are contradictions between the Bible and the theory of evolution, and I believe they are few, haven't been remotely indoctrinated into either. For the beginning of the Bible states very clearly an opposite history than evolution presents. And evolution is seldom, if ever, taught in the order I presented it. It is generally taught beginning with what I've called the final extrapolation. I presented it in that order because it was easiest to demonstrate where the two contradict.

Notwithstanding all this, if someone actually believes that evolution can create the world without somehow contradicting the Bible, (though it would be through ignorance they would have to make that claim), I suppose that it is possible that they could be a faithful Christian. It is not my place to judge, though I can say it does not seem likely to me that one who honestly looks at this issue will remain ignorant for long. I have found that the people who I know who are ardent about evolution being true seem to lack some of the fundamental qualities Jesus told us we should display. I won't go into that, because it would be gossip, I'm sure.