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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Flobi scalps the competition in June
It would be a stretch to call the June Fitness Challenge a competition. In reality, only Flobi decided to show up. He won going away by walking 55 miles...
I would like to mention the play on words in the title (which was by Jeff, one of the higher-ups at the company): Flobi (my nickname) comes from the root-word Flowbee, which is a device designed to cut hair. Since scalping is another method of hair removal, this is funny. Or it's supposed to be. When you actually need the referrence explained to you or it takes multiple minutes for you to realize the referrence yourself, it isn't nearly as funny (or so I'm told). I guess that's the same with any play on words or joke. But that isn't Jeff's fault that I've heard Flobi so many times in my life that I literally never think of Flowbee when I hear or see it.