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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here's a quick upload of my program MultiPod that I've been working on in spare time. This is my first and only iPod application. It makes it so that you can swap multiple music/video/pic/bookmark libraries so that you can sync with multiple computers or convince your computer you have multiple iPods (or both!). It also allows you to require a password to be entered when switching to a library for those who may have sensitive information in your media.

Note: It does not currently swap contacts, calendars or any other application data.


First of all, you must have a Jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch (though this hasn't been tested on iPhone) with firmware 1.1.4. Reason for firmware requiment: paths changed. A version for 1.1.3 and lower could be made if requested.

Use the installer to install the Jiggy Runtime.

UPDATE: View this post to add my iPhone/iPod Touch Repository.  You will now find MultiPod under Utilities with SwapTunes and other similar programs.

When you run MultiPod, it will automatically detect the current configuration and assign it to the first position. To change the name of an entry, use iTunes; the entry will be named the same as the name iTunes gives the device.

UPDATE 2: Jiggy Runtime is no longer updated and is not available for current frameware.  Thus, there is no point having MultiPod updated and for all intensive purposes, it has been discontinued.


flobi said...

Info.plist has a word "hidden" that needs to be removed. I will get to this sometime tomorrow. Until then, you can either remove it yourself or not see the application on the springboard.