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Friday, August 29, 2008

Flobi retains fitness trophy in July

By the time Mike returned on July 30th, Flobi held a slim .02 mile lead. Both competitor walked on the 31st, but when the clock struck midnight Flobi was victorious. Flobi went 54.67 miles and Mike went 51.39 miles.
As for my challenge, it was purely rhetorical. We had recently watched Back to the Future and that's the line Marty said when trying to outrun the terrorists. Originally, I had no intention of running this month. But as it stands, with 3 days left, I'm only 3.4 miles behind. No one's really going anywhere this month.

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Little Lunchtime Reading

This is from part of an article describing some current theories of sub-atomic structure. Specifically, string theory in this section this came from. For anyone not familiar, the quick and easy is that the pieces that make up atoms (electrons, etc.) are made up of strings vibrating at certain frequencies in some 11 dimentions (only 4 of which we can directly observe).
It is also interesting to note that physicists believe these strings of energy are either closed (forming a loop) or open (forming a line interval). I cannot help but think of the binary numeric system as used in electronic circuitry and computer programming. I can imagine a subatomic world in which various vibrating stings of electromagnetic energy, some circular like a “0,” some linear like a “1,” interlocked in various multidimensional mathematical computations to form complex structures in multidimensional binary code. - Allen, D. (2008). An Apology and Unification Theory for the Reconciliation of Physical Matter and Metaphysical Cognizance. Retrieved August 18, 2008, from Answers Research Journal Web site:
As a programmer, I find this hilarious. In fact, I find the same visual coming to my mind as D. Allen describes. Then again, in my mental image, everything's green and trickling...wait, that was a movie. Maybe there's some truth to The Matrix trillogy after all? Things are not always what they seem. In fact, it doesn't seem that things are what they all.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

floIcon Download Favicon Fixed

Okay people, I know that the most popular thing on my site is the floIcon based icon assembler. So, if something is broken on the site, please let me know. I know that people use that. Anyways, I noticed this morning that there was a missing \ character in the favicon downloader feature on the floIcon page and I fixed it.

You can AIM me, my username is flobi. You can email me, flobi on this domain. incredinex if you happen to use Yahoo! or my email address on gmail or msnm. ... You know, I suppose I do have a message saying things might be broken, don't I? I'll have to update that. That page was supposed to be stable.

Monday, August 4, 2008

What parts of the Bible should be taken literally?

This is from: I thought I had an insightful answer so I wanted to share it here:

First off, I'm Christian. I guess what I'm really asking is, what parts of the Bible should be taken figuratively? For many atheists or unbelievers, they point out many different things, things that might seem abominable to humanity, such as slavery, or the destruction of homosexuals. But those arguments are always countered with "No. That wasn't supposed to be taken literally."

So what is supposed to be taken literally, and what should be taken as figurative or symbolic? Isn't it wrong to make anything that sounds evil become "symbolically taken" and at the same time, claim it's right to accept anything loving as literal?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Air Conditioning

Well, we went over to my parent's house today to install an air conditioner for my great uncle, Uncle Johnny. He shares a half of the house with my grandpa, Grumpy, and Grumpy likes the house much warmer than Uncle Johnny. So, the idea was that Uncle Johnny would have a window A/C in his room to keep it cooler and the rest of the area could stay comfortably warm.

I will say this about the new A/C is that it was very easy to install. I pretty much just lifted it up on to the window sill and closed the window down to it. My dad sealed off the perimeter. It was very light and seems pretty powerful for it's weight. The A/C was a Haier HWR06XC7.

We had some coffee. My dad makes the best coffee.