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Friday, August 29, 2008

Flobi retains fitness trophy in July

By the time Mike returned on July 30th, Flobi held a slim .02 mile lead. Both competitor walked on the 31st, but when the clock struck midnight Flobi was victorious. Flobi went 54.67 miles and Mike went 51.39 miles.
As for my challenge, it was purely rhetorical. We had recently watched Back to the Future and that's the line Marty said when trying to outrun the terrorists. Originally, I had no intention of running this month. But as it stands, with 3 days left, I'm only 3.4 miles behind. No one's really going anywhere this month.

I might have gone 90 miles, but I spent a week being lazy, a week sick, and a week watching a tropical storm go past. Can't run in rain, the device is very very water sensitive. But right now, it still looks like I've got a very good chance at keeping the trophy another month.

Also, in August, we started a family championship. I'm 8.17 behind miles right now. That will be fairly easy to overtake too. Looks like I'm going to be doing a lot of walking this weekend.

If I keep winning this thing, and subsequently loosing weight, it looks like I'll have a photo record of my weight loss. That would be interesting. So far, I've lost about 30 pounds.