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Monday, September 22, 2008

Montly Distance Competition

I just wanted to note that I have taken this month off the distance competition. Though technically, I am still entered, I am not actually going anywhere. I am planning on starting back at the beginning of next month. That is one of the reasons I have not put the report on my site. If anyone has a desire to see this, just let me know, I don't mind putting it up if there's interest.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Thought on Logic

The absolute values of one number and it's negative cannot be equal unless the value of the number is zero. This is a provable mathematic equation. I believe it applies equally as well to any logical concept. The absolute value of one concept and it's negative cannot be equal unless the value of the concept is nothing. Just something to think about.

Friday, September 12, 2008

On Tollerance, Continued

As I was taking a gander around, I noticed an article pop up this morning on the subject of my post yesterday and I thought that I would add some of the ideas from that to my ideas yesterday. Now, yesterday, I was focused specifically on homosexuality. I was thinking that it might be unfair for Christians to be more focused on the ways of the gay when in fact the Bible is totally against any non-marital sexual interaction, and even to focus on that, when there is so much more immorality out there, but I digress. I was asked about homosexuality, which is why I focused on it. Additionally, I don't remember the Bible using the word, "abomination," about any other sexual activity (though it's pretty harsh on bestiality, but I don't believe bestiality is quite as common as homosexuality).

On Tollerance

Before I loose this idea, I wanted to convey the thoughts from a conversation I had earlier today. Here's a story of a fictional conversation based on the conversation I had earlier. I was posted the question, "What are your thoughts on homosexuality?" I replied, "It's an abomination." Unfortunately, at that point in the conversation, this topic stopped in preference for another topic.

A few minutes later, my colleague came back to this issue posing a hypothetical situation. "Let's say your cousin was gay, what would you think."