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Monday, October 13, 2008

iPod Touch Repair Request Attempt 3

iPod Touch - TinkerBell
The socket on my iPod where I plug my USB cord, wall charger and bluetooth adapter has intermittent functionality. I tested the iPod with 4 USB cords and 3 PCs which I know work with other iPods. I sent my iPod to you guys twice, but I am still experiencing this problem. I have updated my firmware and iTunes and have followed all recommended troubleshooting tips. I'd rather not go another week sans-iPod if not necessary. Please advise.
And that's what I sent them. I've got a limit of like 450 characters or something though it says on the form it's 250, I think, but I can't condense this to 250 characters. For up to an hour, I wait for someone to read it and probably send me back a semi-automated response saying that they approve my repairs and they'll send me a box to send them my iPod. At least in the mean time, I can put my music back on (careful to not touch the cord!) so I can listen to it till I get the box to ship it back to them. All this is very depressing.

EDIT: Yep, there it is:
Our initial diagnosis indicates that because your product replacement will likely be covered by the warranty, an AppleCare Protection Plan, or another Apple repair program, there should be no charge to you for the service performed. If we have questions or concerns regarding the repair coverage, we will notify you. ... Within two business days, you should receive a package at this address: ... The package will contain shipping materials and instructions for you to return the original product to Apple at this address:
They condensed my problem to this:
Problem Description: Accessories - Dock - Top Connector not func/damage
I am thinking that if the technicians only see that, then they might not realize the problem is intermittent sometimes. I am guessing that without that knowledge, they probably just push the iPod into some diagnosis dock, wait for an automated check pattern to run and send it back to me because it happens that the diagnosis dock sits at the right angle so that my iPod will happen to connect every time.

It could be a problem with the support system, not the individual technician. Bah! That doesn't make me feel any better about this. Though, it does make me curious how much it costs them to have a box shipped practically from coast to coast 6 times. I guess all that gets passed on to the customer. But maybe they save by having less for the techs to read, though that's offset slightly by the random frustrated customer who says, "Doesn't Microsoft have a product to compete with this yet?!"