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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sketches by Allison

Sketch by Allison (1)

These are just some sketches my daughter Allison made on my iPod the other day (Note: I removed Sketch by Allison (2) because it wasn't finished, but I still think it's good, so I'll just leave a link). I think they are great. She's actually better than this, it's just that the sketch programs on the iPod aren't all that easy for a 7 year old to use. It's also probable that they weren't finished. The sketch program has a save button she probably hit by accident and I noticed the pics on my iPod later on.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Father Visits Me in a Dream

Something happened to me yesterday morning that I feel I need to share. Though I frequently have very vivid dreams that often hold meaning for me, my dream yesterday morning was quite different than my normal dreams. Usually my dreams are reasonably lengthy and vague in purpose, but this one was short and pointed and I feel it was probably a vision from God, not just a normal dream.

In my vision, there was a large, intimidating storm cloud and as I stood there, it became a face; the face was in the cloud and it was the cloud, that is, the cloud became the face; it was a bearded and kind yet firm face though it was still a cloud. And, believing it was a manifestation of the Lord Father, I asked Him the question that has been troubling my heart, "Why can't these people understand?" And I was given an answer. "Because they choose not to be able to understand." That was my entire vision.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Most Likely To Go Postal

It seems that I've been voted. Jeff, one of the top dogs at the company and a Christian friend who I work with, has done a survey and it appears that there's general consensus that I'm the one voted most likely to go postal. They say it is my appearance and mindset (which seem to be quite different than most others). I think this is totally hilarious. I think part of it is that with my long hair and beard (both dark brown), the association of Serpico is in people's minds.