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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blue Screen of Death (again)

Wow, twice in one week. I'm looking like I'm on a roll! There's nothing like a blue screen of death. Again I was lucky that I had saved everything. Of course, I am in the habit of saving a LOT. I usually save stuff once every minute or two when I am developing websites. This is mainly because I save then view in a different application.

And this time, it was a full BLUE screen of death, none of that pansy pink on it. Hahaha.

I guess you can probably tell my computer's finished rebooting, so I better get back to work!

Blue Screen of Death

I just thought anyone who likes blue screens of death might want to see my recent one. It happened yesterday right before leaving work. Luckily, I had just saved all my files and I did not loose anything but time.

I did find that there was an anomaly this time as one of the monitors showed a pink rectangle. I think it was a rendering issue with the graphics card or the monitor. Either that, or Microsoft has gone slack even in their blue screens of death, but I find that hard to believe. After all, the blue screen of death is really what Microsoft is known for, would they really want to mess up their reputation suchly?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jesus's Parables: Historically Accurate?!?!

There were two men who lived in the same city. One was a kind man, well liked by those who knew him. The other was a known criminal. Though they had never met and were not closely related, they did have the same name and the same surname. Books are likened unto this, as you should not presume upon one by its name.

Jesus spoke a lot in relation to what is recorded in the Gospels; (thankfully, for) everything He spoke was good. After a recent discussion with a friend, I have come to question: are the parables that Jesus spoke historically accurate? This may seem an unusual question for I have never heard anyone question their historical accuracy, for even among Biblical Creationists who view the Bible as accurate to a straight-forward reading (which insists that Jesus in fact did actually speak the words indicated) the stories Jesus spoke were possibly, though indeterminately, entirely fiction.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

International Fitness Champion

Powerserve International
Fitness Championship

May 2008:Mike
Jun 2008:flobi
Jul 2008:flobi(2nd win)
Aug 2009:Jeff
Sep 2008:Mike(2nd win)
Nov 2008:Mark
Dec 2008:Mark(2nd win)
Jan 2009:flobi(3rd win)
Feb 2009:Scott
Mar 2009:nobody
Apr 2009:flobi(4th win)
May 2009:flobi(5th win)

As you can see, I am, once again, Powerserve International Fitness Champion! I wish I had my eyes open in the picture, but anyways. I was thinking that Scott had one more than once when I started putting this list together. (Oh, and the trophy gets passed to the next person each month.)

I will note that the entire "Championship" is based on distance accumulated and uploaded to Nike+. Since May of 2008 when the competition began, I have traversed (walk/run/jog/wander/etc) 192.32 miles. I'm planning on breaking the 200 barrier this month (provided I can find the time between work, work, work, work, family, community and Sabbath rest).

Lost My Psycotic Status

Apparently I've lost my "Most likely to go postal" status at work. Jeff, the boss-guy who originally bestowed this beloved honor on me has stolen it from me and given it to this guy:

Busy busy busyq

I am soooo busy lately. No time to post. No time to think of something to post. If you want to know my status, check facebook. (Edit: apparently no time for spellcheck either.)