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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

International Fitness Champion

Powerserve International
Fitness Championship

May 2008:Mike
Jun 2008:flobi
Jul 2008:flobi(2nd win)
Aug 2009:Jeff
Sep 2008:Mike(2nd win)
Nov 2008:Mark
Dec 2008:Mark(2nd win)
Jan 2009:flobi(3rd win)
Feb 2009:Scott
Mar 2009:nobody
Apr 2009:flobi(4th win)
May 2009:flobi(5th win)

As you can see, I am, once again, Powerserve International Fitness Champion! I wish I had my eyes open in the picture, but anyways. I was thinking that Scott had one more than once when I started putting this list together. (Oh, and the trophy gets passed to the next person each month.)

I will note that the entire "Championship" is based on distance accumulated and uploaded to Nike+. Since May of 2008 when the competition began, I have traversed (walk/run/jog/wander/etc) 192.32 miles. I'm planning on breaking the 200 barrier this month (provided I can find the time between work, work, work, work, family, community and Sabbath rest).