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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Trinity

In my endeavor to understand "The Trinity," I can kinda imagine it like, let's say I wrote (suspension of disbelief, guys) a mod ("modification" for those non-sims fans) for The Sims (a video game) where the sims (virtual "sim"ulated people in this game) had souls and free will and I were to make a special sim whose actions came entirely from my input (keyboard, mouse, etc.) and I felt everything that he would feel (neural input? then, I guess, I've invented the Matrix), in a sense, his soul was me, but his body was of course still virtual.

Because the sims are confined by their nature (even if they could comprehend as limitedly as humans do) to understanding only the sim world, they could never comprehend me, my state of being, my power or my location; they couldn't comprehend the unity and separation between my sim spawn (son, offspring, sim self, whatever). Phrases like "I and the User (to use a term from Tron) are one," "If you have seen me, you have seen the User," "No sim has seen the User but me," "I do the will of the User," "The User became a sim," "I am the son of the User," even, "I am the User," can all make sense being said by (or of, with proper pronoun change) this character with this analogy. "That's me as a sim, he turned out well," might be more familiar. I would definitely have the body of a sim (especially from their perspective) while still maintaining my full Userness (hey, I can pull the plug if I have to!).

Of course, with any analogy, there are holes and this surely has some; I mean, I don't know every in and out of the hardware and program running all this stuff (though if I were to somehow program a soul, I would probably need to), and clearly, I'm relying on God for my own existence, but it wouldn't make sense for that to go up infinitely.

I thought this analogy up because in reading the Bible, it seems like a lot of passages make sense if read as Jesus, Lord, Yahweh, God, Holy Spirit, etc. are all different names of the same God, but also, as God interacts with Himself, He refers to Himself in the second or third person or in plural. Anyways, just a thought.


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